The photo above and audio files below are from "Wormwood Forest," a Nashville-based radio show Tom Tichenor wrote and performed in early 1949. The January 22 episode (available below) featured special guest stars Walt Disney (as Mickey Mouse and as Himself) and Clarence Nash (as Donald Duck). Pictured above are Tichenor, Jane Dabney, Disney, Nash, Christine Tibbott, and John Culley.


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January 8, 1949


January 15, 1949


January 22, 1949


January 29, 1949


February 5, 1949


February 12, 1949


February 19, 1949


February 26, 1949



Tom Tichenor was the puppeteer on WNBC-TV’s “Birthday House” in New York. The show starred Paul Tripp, and Tichenor also had an on-camera role as Strawtop, a pantomime scarecrow. There were two “Birthday House” albums, the second of which featured Tom’s puppet characters. In the album cover below, Strawtop is behind the treasure chest, flanked by Truthful George and Marco Polo Bear. Cousin Walrus is peeking up behind Strawtop. Perched on the stool, Paul Tripp has Ducky, and Felicia Fieldmouse and Stumbleweed are looking in at the window. Click the album cover below to hear the four songs from the album that feature Tichenor’s puppets. (The four songs together run about ten minutes.)